Monday, January 03, 2005

Top 10 Movies of 2004

Note: some of these came out in theaters in 2003, but on DVD in 2004, and I saw all of them in 2004.

1. Napoleon Dynamite
2. The Passion of the Christ
3. Big Fish (2003)
4. Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind
5. The Motorcycle Diaries
6. Saved!
7. The Terminal
8. Secondhand Lions (2003)
9. The Station Agent (2003)
10. Miracle

Here are some movies I really want to see that were released in 2004:
The Aviator
Ocean's Twelve
Meet The Fockers
Life Aquatic


Brandon from Kansas City said...

I dig your list JR. The Aviator would likely be there once you see it, amazing flick. Also the movie Sideways is fantastic and is the likely Best Picture nod for the Oscar. We'll go see it when I come into Sea-town.

J.R. said...

Sa - Weet!