Wednesday, October 14, 2009


So, I haven't had the time to make any of the in depth "what we did this year" blog posts I promised, but here is a quick one so you don't give up on me.

Cason is trucking around along furnitre and crawling incredible fast. He should be starting to walk any time now... so crazy how fast it has gone. He has been saying things like "mama", "dada", "uh-oh", "no", and "yeah!" I drop him off and pick him up now at his new day care, and when I pick him up he will stop doing whatever he is doing, look up at me, and stretch his arms out with a huge grin.... it's the best thing ever.

Jenny just hit the big 3-0. I took her out to Le Fou Frog ( and it was amazing. Highly recommended.

Last news is, I am going to U2 in Oklahoma City next weekend!!!

Thats all for now.