Saturday, July 12, 2008

Summer Mix!

My friend Michael over at is running the Summer Mix Series. Anyone can create and submit a mix album to share with others, it's a great way to check out new music and learn a little about each other.

My contribution:

It Was a Beautiful Day...
Until My Kite Crashed Into Your Cloud

Track list:

1. Eels - Mighty Fine Blues
2. Danielson - Cast It At The Setting Sail
3. Starlight Mints - Pumpkin
4. Joshua James - Today
5. Belle & Sebastian - Ease Your Feet In The Sea
6. Nada Surf - Here Goes Something
7. Half-Handed Cloud - Rise to the Heavens on Evaporation
8. Rosie Thomas - Kite Song
9. Jim Noir - Turbulent Weather
10. Laura Veirs - Wrecking
11. Andrew Bird - Opposite Day
12. The Essex Green - Sorry River
13. Sufjan Stevens - Sister
14. Kings of Convenience - Summer On The Westhill