Tuesday, September 27, 2005


Sorry guys, we have been without internet for three weeks! Stupid Metronet decided they weren't going to provide to our building anymore, and gave us a 4 day notice. We signed up for Time-Warner's Roadrunner and they came out to the apartment and couldn't get the wireless to work on either of our computers, so then we signed up for SBS DSL and they made us subscribe to a house phone, sent us a modem and then waited a week to activate our line. I hate internet companies, why can't you just get what you need when you need it?

Thursday, September 01, 2005

New Orleans

Wow, have you guys been seeing this stuff? Its unbelievable! It's like a war zone down there. You always think, that no matter what happens, someone has a plan, someone has it figured out, help is on it's way, but when something like this happens it really changes your perspective.

CNN Coverage

It's like a third world country down there.

Jenny wrote a great faith piece on the recent events, this, the tidal wave, and 9/11, in her blog. I would encourage you all to read it.

Remember to pray for all those effected.
Jacob and Faith, you guys are certainly in our prayers.