Friday, September 15, 2006


Earlier this month Derek Webb (formarly of Caedmon's Call) released his 2005 album Mockingbird for FREE download at I recommend downloading it as soon as possiable and then telling all your friends about it.

You can read my review of it on my "Top Albums of 2005" blog post.


Wait, there is more!!!

Also, some friends of mine and I are doing a year long "mix tape" trade. We each basically assemble a mix and design album art for it and each month one person gets to post their mix for the rest of the group. Well, I am making my mix available to all!

It's called The Wanderer. It is a made up songtrack to a made up movie about a guy who goes through a sorta life crisis thing. He freaks out, leaves his family, his faith, everything he holds valuable and takes a long walk. As he is walking he runs into people, experiences, and spends some time alone wrestling with his thoughts and yelling at God. Through all of this he learns that there is a confort in not always knowing the answers, in his doubt, in the unconfortable. He finds hope, love, faith and even God in the unanswered questions.