Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Prayer Request

Some of you may know I have a brother-in-law, Jon, in Iraq. I just got this e-mail forwarded from my sister-in-law. Please pray for these men and all the service men and women in Iraq. It makes me sad, then angry that lives are being lost, they could use all the prayer they can get.

I received the following email from Jonathan early Wednesday morning.
You may want to be sure you have a few min. available to pray before
reading the following.
Crystal Tolson

Jonathan Tolson wrote:

So my old platoon got shot up in a drive by shooting yesterday. One
of the guys was killed (he got to the platoon about a week before I
left, so I didn't know him other than talking to him in passing). His
name was SGT Jacob Demand, was divorced, but had a child

Scott Thorne concerns me the most. He had neural surgery in Baghdad,
but the fact that he made it through surgery and made the 3 hour
flight down to Baghdad is good signs. Still too early to tell. He
had a daughter just about a month ago when he was on leave. As you
know, I've prayed for him and he has asked me to pray for his family
in the past.

PFC Majors was in my platoon, but I did not know him that well...he'll
probably be partially paralyzed, also critical condition.

Will Duran and James Wingate, who wrote you during NTC you may recall
, had some serious wounds, but are both in stable condition and should
make a near full recovery. I got to see both of them at the hospital
yesterday, which was very good.

Another guy, Mullins, who i didn't know also got injured but is doing
well along with Duran and Wingate.

Chris McCracken was the only guy there who left without a physical
scratch. Well, him and the interpreter that was with them. He
concerns me as he's taking it really hard.

"Bon Bon" Bonjiorno, the Platoon medic is also taking it fairly hard
since he treated them all.

It has also hit the squadron fairly hard since Corey Harris, Greg
Mills, Ray, and Scissons and others that knew them from the platoon
are now at Squadron.

I don't feel like sending this out to my usual prayer list, but you
can and I'll let you decide what should be filtered. For now I'm
doing fine, although I'm sure it will hit me in a day or two. If you
do tell people at church, my parents, etc, please stress to them that
I do not want them to pray for me until they have prayed for the above
people, their families, and the other soldiers of B Troop. Only then
do I want them to pray for me in this regard. These people need the
prayer more than I do. I have Christ, many of them don't.

Your shook up, but loving husband

I will only add a request to pray for their wives and families as
well. Scott Thorne's Wife is Theresa, I believe. I do not think any of
the other gentlemen were married. These guys are all due home soon and
that feeling of "so close" can easily leave you unprepared for
something like this.



Barbara said...

Wow, Jar, I'm praying for these guys.

Anonymous said...

I went to school with Jacob since the third grade. He was already turning into quite a gentleman by the time we reached middle school. Our hometown, Palouse, WA (population 1,000) is paying special tribute to Jacob during an annual town celebration on Saturday (9/18). Thank you for your prayers.

J.R. said...

wow, thanks for the comment. I am praying for his friends and family.