Thursday, September 02, 2004

Brennan Manning - The Relentless Tenderness of Jesus

Wow, What a great book. I am only on the second chapter but I am loving it. My wife and I are leading a small group were we are reading this book, I highly recommend it to everyone. My experince is that it is hard to find a book that says anything I havn't already heard, being someone who has grown up in the church, but this one really got me thinking about my view of God.

Here is one of the quotes that really stood out to me:

The old religious image of a vindictive, mean, and jealous God gives way in Jesus to the God of faith who cherishes people, all people, and has made his abode with them. Jesus presented a God who does not demand but gives; does not oppress but raises up; does not wound but heals. A God who forgives instead of condemning, and liberates instead of punishing. Woe then to those who demand, opress, wound, condemn, and punish in His name. It can only be said that they do not truely know him."

Wow, sometimes the truth cuts deep.


Jerrett said...

Thats good stuff..

J.R. said...

Brennan is the man.

j andrew taylor said...

ditto both of the above comments.

I like Jesus.