Friday, September 03, 2004

JR - The Motion Picture Soundtrack Vol. I

I got this idea from Michaela (Ass Machine Lobos), and I have no problem with blatantly ripping it off.

Here is the song track of my life:

Opening song: “Beautiful Day” - U2
Waking up: "Welcome to the Cruel World" - Ben Harper
First date: “I Want to Hold Your Hand” - The Beatles
First kiss: “Casual Affair” - Tonic
Heartbreak (relationship 1): "Song for the Dumped” - Ben Folds Five
Heartbreak (relationship 2): "Screaming Infidelities" - Dashboard Confessional
Heartbreak (relationship 3): "Better Off As Friends" - The Waiting
Heartbreak (relationship 4): "Glass" - Five O'clock People
Recovery from relationship 4: “Halloween” - Dave Matthews Band
Falling in love with Jenny: "The Luckiest" - Ben Folds
Still Falling in love with Jenny: "When You Say Love" - Over the Rhine
Driving fast: “Open Road Song” - Eve 6
Guys Night: “Don't Mug Yourself” - The Streets
Romancing the Wife: "If You Wear That Velvet Dress" - U2
Alone with God: "Somewere North" Caedmon's Call
Missing Jenny: “Angle" Dave Matthews Band
Summer vacation: “Sail Away" - David Grey
Traveling: “Into the Great Wide Open" - Tom Petty
Thinking of Friends: "Bowl of Oranges" - Bright Eyes
Christmas time: “Oi to the World" - No Doubt
Falling asleep: “Lullabye” - Over the Rhine
Closing song: "In My Life" - (Johnny Cash version)

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