Sunday, July 15, 2007

We are offical!

We closed on the house Friday afternoon (I mentioned it in the post below). We are very excited! Yesterday we bought a used washer and dryer, a new fridge, and a yard sale lawn mower. The wood floor guy gets started tomorrow morning. Our maintance guy starts Wednesday, and we get to move in the 28th!

When we arived to sign the papers at closing there was this framed picture of our house from 1924:

It was two years old then. How cool is that? The only real difference we can tell is that the french doors on the den that lead to the porch aren't there, and the pergula over the garage has been mostly removed, the frame closest to the house is still there, it looks decrotive.

Our relator also e-mailed us these pictures from 1957 of the original owners:

In the last picture you can see the french doors have been installed by then. Also, that big ugly bush is atleast that old.


~ jessica said...

Not only does your house have history and character, but you have pictures of the owners! How exciting!

Jason and Missy Small said...

These are incredibly cool pictures, JR! Congrats on the awesome house!

Melodie said...

it's so neat that you were able to get old pictures!

Tim said...

glad to hear this. great news... cool pics too!