Friday, July 13, 2007

Shuffle Your iPod

My good friend Brian tagged me with this little iPod game. I am suppose to "List the first ten songs that come up on your iPod when you hit 'shuffle'." I have to start by saying that I have over 8,000 songs on there, some are from long ago.... very long ago. I am not responsible for everything that appears on the list.... so, on that note, here we go.

1. Radiohead - Bullet Proof...I Wish I Was
2. Over The Rhine - Anything At All
3. Death Cab for Cutie - Line of Best Fit
4. Starflyer 59 - Not Funny
5. Mutemath - Peculiar People
6. Depeche Mode - Sinner In Me
7. Coldplay - Shiver
8. Moby - Natural Blues
9. The Verve - Weeping Willow
10 . Dave Mathews Band - Crush
11. Bright Eyes - The First Day of My Life
12. The Call - I Don't Wanna
13. Alice In Chains - Again
14. Bruce Cockburn - Tropic Moon
15. Sufjan Stevens - Kaskaskia River
16. Bob Dylan - Like a Rolling Stone
17. Danielson Famile - Don't You Be The Judge
18 . Jenny Lewis and the Watson Twins - Born Secular
19. Wilco - Panthers
20. REM - Try Not To Breathe

I think I was suppose to do 10, everyone else did 15, I did 20. I kept waiting for U2 to come up, I have way more U2 then any other band.... oh well.

Okay, I tag Kassie Ketchum, Lisa Allison, and Amanda Marble. Go for it!

Oh, and PS, the house is officaly ours as of 4:00 this afternoon, yay!


Amanda said...

You tag me, huh? Well, considering I just got my first iPod about 2+ months ago, I may not have that much to contribute ... but you'll have to check the blog. I promise to come through on the tag tomorrow.

Lisa J. said...

Alright. I did it. Fun! However, as it turned out, a good chunk of my songs came from you. So you could add an addendum to your list saying "See also: Lisa's list"

Andrea said...

J.R. - you didn't tag me but I did it anyway! Your list is so much cooler than mine...