Monday, July 11, 2005

We may have found a church!

We tryed a church this sunday called Trinity Nazarene. We were sucked in somewere between the "Christian Social Justice Group", the Open Conversation on "God in Politics", and the Fine Arts Ministry. But besides all that, the message was great, the music was good, and the people were awesome. This church is very similar to one Jenny attended in college, in fact it had a couple people from that church going here. I also found out two of my friends from college attended there too, Krystal Lober and Megan Selby! It was good to see them again, and we are excited about the possiablities of this become our church home in KC. A nazarene church that cares about social justice and art, and allows for open conversation on anything, let alone politics. Could it be true?!?!
We sure hope so.


jennylou said...

Funny, I thought about mentioning it in my blog too. I love sharing life with you.

Kmom said...

How wonderful to find a place that sounds promising! You have a lot to give. It would be great to have a place to give it openly.

So, did you really move just to get out of the pond project? I had no idea the scope of the project Michael had in mind. We now have 2 truckloads of rocks. Large and small in our yard. Maybe that hot weather you are enduring is better than the possiblity of having to help haul it all over the yard!
Miss your teasing!

jennylou said...

YES, Mom. We moved to avoid the pond construction, the brush clearing, the wood chipping, the forest reclamation, the planting... :) Just kidding. Wish we were there to help!

Andrea said...

JR & Jenny -we are so happy for you both! It sounds like you guys are doing well - congratulations on getting your article published Jenny - I read - how exciting! Telfer & Andrea