Sunday, July 31, 2005

New photos up!

I finally got some pictures of our new place uploaded. We still have a little work to do, we diffinatly need more artwork on the walls, but here is a little tour of the place. The bottom row has a few pictures of the July 4th Mariners game (thats right, I refuse to call it a "Royals" game when they are playing the Mariners). There is a great shot of Ichiro! doing his little, "wax on" routine.


Jessica said...

I posted w/ 4'11", too, but I wanted to assure you that my impression of 'prison' has been alleviated. The place looks great. :)


J.R. said...

Hahaha, Thanks Jess!

Hey, its a registard historic building, like your house.

Jessica said...

Well, I'm glad to know that historic builders had more sense for interiors than they demonstrated with the exterior. Looking at your place gives me ideas for decorating my own in a couple weeks.

Sara Kennedy said...

JR- The place looks great. Mark and I have been looking (not that we're ready for another home yet) for places like that in Oly...sort of loft, sort of cityscape. You guys are so lucky!
Hey, I was just reading a blog from a few weeks ago about the new church (which sounds totally awesome and gives faith to the fact that some Christians really do care about more than abortion!) and I saw that you went to a class about a book I'm reading. God's Politics. Its so great. I was captivated by the intro, which I typically never read, and just had to read it. Its a slow read for me because its kind of heavy on 'facts' and can be wordy, but its really great so far! I'm amazed a Nazarene chruch is doing a group study on it, really. Why aren't there one of those churches in Oly, huh? I'm dying for one!
Anyhoo, just a quick note to say hey and nice house and etc. Have a nice afternoon!

Karen Snyder said...

Hey you guys the place looks great! Congrats on both new jobs - too exciting, and whole new adventure.
Wish you were closer - keep in touch!

j andrew taylor said...

great pics, jar. 'bout time to change that location, eh?

Brandon from Kansas City said...

Hey man,
when are you going to put up your redesigned portfolio site?

The world awaits.