Tuesday, December 11, 2007

The way Justin Dillon sees it.

So, I am sure most of you know the unnamed coffee giant who has spread bad coffee to the ends of the earth, well at least not everything they do is bad for your soul. ;-)

A friend got a cup of coffee, and on the side of that cup was a quote from former frontman of the Dime Store Prophets ( a great Alternative/Christian band from the mid 90's) Justin Dillon (Stevens).

Here is the quote from "The Way I See It" - Cup #153

"Is art entertainment?
Art teaches us about who we are.
Entertainment tells us who to be.
Art is a public service.
Entertainment is a private product.
Art opens our minds.
Entertainment thinks for you.
Art is publicly offered.
Entertainment is publicly traded.
Art is the words we wish to say, but lack the language to say it."

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PisoMojado said...

I love Dime Store Prophets! This is pretty awesome.