Thursday, August 30, 2007

Personality Type

Well, Jenny tagged me to take this personality test. I always come out the same, by far, and I even tryed to answer the questions a little more thoughtfully this time, and I still came out the same. I guess there is really no doubt I am an ENFP (The "Advocate"). But is Bob Dylan, so that's cool.

Also, turns out I should be an artist or a designer, so I don't have to change careers, that's cool.

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I tag Andrea, Telfer, and Missy


jennylou said...

Opposites attract.... :)

Mamamax said...

Hmmm - well that was enlightening. I'm an INTJ. The only one I'd like to change is the J, but it's a little like the proverbial leopard trying to change his spots. Won't budge. Nice to discover you are doing what you were meant to do. Way to go JR. Love you. KMom