Thursday, March 08, 2007

Three Greatest Challenges Facing the Church (Intro)

There has been a lot of talk going around Nazarene circles about a video of on of our church leaders delivering a sermon at the M7 conference. In the video the church leader lists three challenges the church has to face in upcoming years, they where listed as: Calvinism, The Emergent Church, and Reform Theology. I don't FULLY agree with the sermon, and I defiantly don't agree with the way the video portrays it, but to be fair, the video was taken completely out of context and missed the greater point of the sermon itself, but nonetheless, it got me thinking.

Over the next three (or so) days I will be doing a post a day on what I believe are the biggest challenges the church is facing (or will face) in the next few years (in no particular order). Feel free to write a comment whether you agree or disagree, I certainly don't have any more insight on this then anyone else, so tell me what you think.

My first post should be up later this afternoon. Thanks!


Arthur said...

Here are my top three:

Numbers - Forget about the numbers (attendance, Income) and concentrate on the relationships not even so much in the church but in the world.

Programs - We get so lost in creating programs that again we forget about the true meaning of church. Its all about bringing people to our country club, what about going to them?

Self indulgence - Lets move away from the problem and build the biggest nicest church possible so we can be like everyone else in the world. . . huh? Is it true . . .Christians can be greedy?

Anonymous said...

I think I fall in the category of one of the Nazarene church's three major problems. Oh well lucky for me I'm not Nazarene.

J.R. Caines said...

Well, I probably do to, depending on how you would define "Emergent". I count you as good company if you qualify as one of the Nazarene churchs three biggest problems. ;-)