Sunday, February 05, 2006

Superbowl XL

Well, not to take anything away from the Steelers, but Seattle gave this one away with stupid penalties. Then the officiating crew helps by give the Steelers a touchdown where there wasn't one and taking one away from Seattle (DJ's "push off" in the end zone).

My Superbowl MVP - The officals.


Mamamax said...

Now that's an original MVP! Some of the decisions were a pretty loooooong stretch to believe. Ah, well, they comported themselves as gentlemen in the face of the loss and for that they have my respect.


~ jessica said...
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~ jessica said...

It's unfortunate when the officials allow the season history of "underdog" status to cloud their judgment of any game. Because in the end, this was just another game. I was disappointed, as well. :(

Tim said...

did you see the Inside the NFL that aired the week after XL? they explained the penalties... only one was incorrect... Hasslebeck's chop block.