Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Chip Kidd - Book One

I just got Chip Kidd: Book One: Works 1986-2006. For those who don't know, Chip Kidd is the Michael Jordan of book cover design. The book is his complete works from 1986-2006, showing book covers, concept ideas and coments from clients. It is interesting to see some of the process behind such great covers. He shares the ideas behind what he designed and some interesting stories that go along with each design. To any Graphic designers out there, or anyone interested in good art, you should check out this book. I am very excited to dive into it.


Arthur said...

Chip is my hero. Well, maybe not quite. I love his work and want to get this book though. If you find yours missing it might be at my desk.

Mamamax said...

I wondered what a graphic designer did for entertainment ;)

Love You

Tim said...

nice list