Friday, June 03, 2005

KC Update!

Jenny and I will be leaving for Kansas City on June 13-14th. We both have our last day of work in Olympia on the 10th. I start at NPH on the 20th.

I just put an apartment on hold for us in the River Market District of Kansas City. We are renting a 990 sq ft., 1 bedroom, 1 bath loft with a study in this building. The floor plan is kind of like this one , but a little difrent in shape. We are so excited about living in this area!

Now we can be cool urban people....


tyler durden said...


congrats dude. maybe you'll work on our next project!! we're hoping to pen a skit book in the next few months. we'll see.

but i want you or mr brandon to do the cover. none of those old nazerenies.

you coming to NYI?
come see me!! wednesday night and thursday late night!!

J.R. said...

No man, I am missing out on this one. Brandon will be there though. Wish I could go.

j andrew taylor said...

I'm stoked for you, bro.

That looks like a cool place to live.

J.R. said...

Yes, we are very excited about this. We are just waiting for the credit app to go through, this could be tighter then expected, since my wife won't have a job right away.