Monday, March 21, 2005

You've created nothing that gives me more pleasure then you.

David spent almost all of his young life in the fields, saturated by God’s majestic creation, yet he never let it overtake the gladness he found in fellowship with Him. So often I find myself manufacturing contentment with the petty things that I am meant to forsake. I believe that if I were to throw myself toward the minute-by-minute confrontation of the gospel, as David did, I would discover that God did not put anything among, around or inside of me that achieves even a loose definition of satisfaction when compared to God and the beauty of His grace. I truly desire to have an understanding of God’s presence and mercy that compels me to supernatural joy, but for now, I still seem to be obsessing with the things that God gives me, instead of His presence alone.
--Joshua Moore


tyler durden said...

sorry i haven't kept up with your blog.

thanks also for the nipple twist. loved it!!

J.R. said...

I knnneeeewwww you would!

Telfer & Andrea Griffith said...

JR - Sorry to say but I forgot you had a blog...saw your URL attached to your comment on our blog and am glad I did! We'd love to see you two - what brings you down to SoCal? email us at