Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Were is the Balance?

My wife and I have been frustrated with our current church lately because they seem to be taking a conservative approach to everything. Politically, spiritually, ect. I for one do not think any church should take any political side, but that’s beside the point here. I get annoyed with the idea that seems to be popular among conservative Christians, that we are the last line of defense of moral values, and the idea that we are right and they are wrong, so they can shove it. It seems so contrary to Christ's teachings to me.

So in our frustration we have been talking about going to St. John's Episcopal Church on Sunday mornings, but staying involved in our church at the same capacity the rest of the week. So today I went to check out their website. After reading around a bit and reading their newsletter I find the opposite problem our church has. They are over relativising everything. I don't understand how you can believe in the Bible and be so vague on truth.

When will we learn, there is a balance to everything. There is truth; there is right and wrong. But we do not have the market cornered on what that is, only God does, but we should strive to know it and learn it. We should base our beliefs in it on the bible, and on the teachings of Christ. We should have loving attitudes towards everyone, no matter what their opinions on "truth". We should accept all people, but reject all sin. We should not bring along an attitude of "I know the truth, and what I say is it" but with the attitude that you do not know everything, that God is teaching us new things everyday. You have to be open to the idea of being wrong before God can show you or tell you when you are wrong.

I pray that I do not let my own beliefs, pride, and arrogance, get in the way of letting God reveal truth to me. I pray that I listen to that truth, and I live by it, and stand on it. I pray that I respond to those who disagree as Christ would, with absolute love.

P.S. - We may still check out this church, that was just my impression on it based on the website.


Anonymous said...

Do be patient while looking at this church. From my experience the episcopal church just takes a different bent on things than much of the protestant church is used to. Don't mistake unfarmiliarity with their relativism. Not that you are...I would just encourage patience while you explore this option.


J.R. said...

Thanks man.