Thursday, June 10, 2004

Pedro the Lion: Achilles Heel

I just bought this album last night. I really am enjoying it so far. The story telling album concept that Pedro is known for is not as strong in this album, but he still makes very blunt points about the state of society and the problems with "religion".

"you were to busy steering the conversation toward the lord/
to hear the voice of the spirit saying shut the f*&% up/
you thought it must be the devil trying to make you go astray/
besides it couldn't have been the Lord because you don't believe he talks that way/"
- Foregone Conclusions

If you like David's song writing style, I would higrecommendmend this album.


Anonymous said...

I can't believe you've gone and copied the VD...

sigh...ah well.

bc :)

j andrew taylor said...
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j andrew taylor said...

nice lyrics...I haven't listend to them in a while...looks like it's time to start again

j andrew taylor said...

I was listening to AH and came here....I got the cd a few weeks ago. Great buy.